3 Blackjack Myths That You Should Never Believe

Many myths Blackjack strong impact on player performance. Instead, victory, the opposite happens. Moreover, it is with the players blame each other.

The third base position.

Add more often than blackjack players fear or avoid last place. This is due to the strong belief that all who take this course will greatly affect the whole game. If the game does not work, is that players often than those who saw unfavorable odds and does the opposite. For this reason, there is a sort of unwritten rule that only players with experience, that those who are more experienced and square rule can ensure a sure victory, may have to move a finger without.

But upon closer inspection, we can see that this belief has no basis at all. The profitability of individual players can not be influenced by another. This is a pure independent. If there is one thing that will certainly affect or influence the game, are the skills and knowledge of the player, not in place.

The bad luck magnet.

Players who use a different or do not use a strategy, a strategy often called bad luck magnet. It is for this reason that other blackjack enthusiasts to avoid this player. You want to stay away from the opportunity to experience a losing streak when they played with that person.

As for the venue can only influence the outcome of the game is the strategy used by others. If bad luck magnet for technical weakness, because they use or do not use one, do not affect the outcome of the game for the rest of the group. If there is someone who is very likely that there is nothing other than “bad luck magnet”. only.

is. Suffer the stolen card.

Is there another card in blackjack steal really possible? Well according to some players, when another member is an immediate success only after receiving a card, the act of a will allegedly stolen these are supposed to be given to another player. For example, if player A moves and gets a card, I think the myth of player B for a true look normal once player A has stolen the map B player. required.

Once and for all, the first player with nothing like the cards are dealt to do. You have no control over it. Thus, “fly” in this case is just a fictional scenario or belief. Come to think, if the card “stolen” Player B is bust, it will describe a player shot the flight.

These myths were prevented to get the most blackjack players. Unscientific beliefs were unsuccessful. Blackjack fans should know how to make your own strategies and techniques.


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