I lost – I played” or the majority of errors

Any success – a laborious journey that reached compliance with the basic rules, and failure comes to us when we make mistakes. Anyone who sit at the table with green cloth dreams to win, but the winner of a one! And what else? The other participants in the game by default is assigned the status of “losers”, but only a few are able to survive with dignity and to accept defeat. Today we want to talk about what happens to a person who is not ready to put up with a loss and seek revenge at any cost.

Now, imagine that your poker day consists of several sessions, and they are all closed very well for you – about such luck, you do not even dreamed of. The day you’ve earned a few hundred dollars. The mood is as if sprouted wings and took you up. You want to extend the light time, time to subdue himself, to teach him to work for you. Surely in your head already flashed the thought: “What’s all the same cool stuff – poker!”. Life is good and you are making plans for the future, you calculate how much you can earn in a day, a month, a year – in his head ran the thought: “I can With such earnings to abandon the basic work, why should I spend time at his uncle if I am now win poker good money. ” At this point, you are likely to think about their shopping, travel. But … Suddenly you regular session ends in failure, you have spent not only that earned yesterday, and more. What’s next? Do you want to turn back time and enter the river twice?

A more common situation: you are trying to fight back, to return the money, the profit you no longer want. Many bloggers from the world of poker enthusiastically write about how they were able to win back the lost money, and with a big plus. When you read a similar optimistic comments, you want to repeat their success. And at that moment it happens to you? You lose your head, in your thinking begin to germinate harmful weeds and you step by step making a rash action: make a call, though, in fact, have to fold, play more hands than you should, buy more. You go to unreasonable risk just for the sake of revenge.

This condition is far from gambling, he has a different definition – despair that for any player destructive and leads to the loss. Worst of all, if you speak disadvantaged ego: “How so? I lost ?! I could not!! I do not worthy !!! “But the bitterness of truth that mind itself, we always think of as the very clever and cunning man and seems to go back easily, which means you can win a similar victory again. But this is only our suggestion – reality with its everyday indisputable fact, at times, says the opposite: we can not hold two games are exactly the same in different time points.

Poker professionals as one say, in the case of defeat should carefully analyze the game and see what you did wrong. It’s kind of a bell in order to learn to be careful. In order to overcome the desire to get even, you must accept the problem and admit that you can not control yourself, when you try to take revenge. You must accept the fact that the money lost, gone from your life forever.

But not all that bad, because you can win a second time and this gain may override your loss. With the advent of a new day, try to dismiss all the negative memories of the defeat, remember that a negative experience – the same result, which will help you not to make mistakes in the future. Not in your power to change the past and affect the future. Your main task during the session – to be here and now, the only thing that can affect – it is at the moment you play a hand. The rest of you should not worry. Good luck to all.

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