History of Baccarat

One of the oldest games of baccarat, has an interesting backstory that hundreds of years. After much of the written history baccarat, the game returns to 1490AD and its “name comes from the Italian word for” zero. “There are two interesting stories about how they invented the game, with one of them in mythology and the other an Italian based players.

Baccarat The mythology behind the story is about a blonde virgin makes an old Etruscan ritual with new gods eagerly awaiting its fate was to be revealed. God waits on tiptoe while rolling a die Virgin new faces. soon as the dice fell, his fate was sealed. According to the number that lot fell upon, would have one of three different destinations. landing in the eighth or ninth median Virgin become a priestess. If the dice fell in six or seven years, the Church was banned and banned all religious activities of the time. Destination of the Virgin was not as good when the industry was at any number less than six, the earth, and that would mean that his fate could enter the sea and the parish.

, is whether the game first created in Italy or France. Origin of baccarat is traditionally thought of it by an Italian gambler Felix Falguirerein was invented in 1490 AD using a series of tarot cards. Tarot have been used to predict the fate of a people and of the four colors of the Tarot were the basis of the four suites of cards used.


During the early years of the game of Baccarat is played just fine and played in secret, because it was illegal. According to France di realize how much money changes hands, which were legal and tax started winning. then the tax is used to develop the country’s poorest regions. Held at Napoleon rule France Baccarat was outlawed again, but after the reign Napoleon ended the game was legalized again, and started in casinos can play.

Baccarat is a very popular and people from all over Europe from the game and the spread of popularity outside of Europe. South America was the first region in the western Atlantic Ocean, where he played Baccarat.

was introduced in the late 1950s, an Americanized version of baccarat by Tommy Renzoni. This new version is a combination of European baccarat and the French “iron Chermin.” The Dunes Casino in Las Vegas quickly, the game has been run. Given the scope of the original version, Mini Baccarat Baccarat came and what you see now, is played in American casinos.

history continues since the game is still very popular, not only in live casinos, but online casinos and that thousands of people playing online baccarat every day. players do not dare, to play Sin City baccarat and many online casinos.. Baccarat. madness.

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