4 Tips to Choose The Perfect Slot Game

If you are a veteran gambler then you probably won’t need this piece of advice. However, most people are just starting out with slots in this global era of the Internet and others are switching from the old-fashioned table games such as poker, roulette and blackjack to video slots. Some of you might ask which is the perfect slot – with the best RTP, graphic quality, sound effects, theme, or whatever you seem to find necessary to call it so. Let’s explore this topic together.

The ‘Why’ Behind Finding The Perfect Slot

‘Perfect’ usually means the ‘loosest’ slot, meaning that the game seems to pay out more money than have been played – at least for some time. Finding the best slot for you is important because you want to win. Period. It’s all about making some extra cash or even making a living for some of us. There are literally thousands of slots out there and it’s really hard to make a choice. What do they have different? It might be a sound effect, or it might be the RTP – but they’re certainly different as soon as you click the ‘next’ button.

Paylines can differ, as well as the number of coins you can wager. Jackpots differ and it’s truly important to find a slot that you love playing for hours and hours. That’s what you should look for. Something that’s a pleasure to watch and roll those reels.

What We Should Look For

RTP percentages are just some details – as they won’t weigh too much when it comes to your desired outcome. You want to win and have some really good fun, right? Don’t make the mistake of filtering slots based on RTP. If we define it theoretically, it’s just the overall expected win in a slot in case that you actually spin the reels indefinitely. But you’ll probably play for 30 minutes or 5 hours, not 365 days. It can be important, but it’s not a decision maker.

Volatility is probably more important than RTP numbers. Volatility is about how ‘friendly’ the game is or how much money the slot gives back to you while playing. There are two types of slots – high volatility and low volatility games. The first type is represented by slots which don’t give frequent wins but when you hit some free spins or the main feature of the game you hit some high winnings. The jackpot in this case is also huge – it can go up to 50.000 coins.

On the same note, low volatility slots are those that have low jackpots – as high as only 5.000 coins and give back small, but frequent wins. They are great for those gamblers with smaller bankrolls.

You Have To Love The Theme

While some people love comic books, others love history or movies. For instance, if you like to Play Fruit Cocktail Online Free, other people like to play movie-related slots. It’s 2016 and there are thousands of options out there, each with a theme related to your favorite things. It would be a shame not to try them all. If you love movies or comic books go for Hitman slot, The Dark Knight slot or others alike.

Game Features Are Key

Game features increase the chances of winnings. Some people love simpler slots, but some people love features as they are the door to huge jackpots and RTP. The variety of slot features out there makes it a seemingly hard endeavour to find the perfect slot, but it’s not that hard if you first play for free at http://777spinslot.com/.

Potential wins, risk and money are important factors when looking for the best slot out here, but you should take into account the above factors as well. They are equally important in this equation.

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